Establishment And Capital Of The Company

A. Establishment

Behpak Industrial Company (Public Joint Stock) was established on 31 Aug. 1968 in form of private joint stock and duly registered under No. 84 dated 5 Sept. 1968 before Dept. for Registration of Corporations Behshahr and subsequently based on decision of the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders dated 9 March 1968 the head office company was moved to Tehran and duly registered under No. 13190 before Dept. for Registration of Corporations and Industrial Property –Tehran. The company was converted to Public Joint Stock on 12 March 1994 and was admitted to Stock Exchange Market of Tehran. 

In 2009 it was omitted from Stock Market (notably due to losses of previous years) and then it was admitted to list of registered companies at Stock Exchange Market on 13 Oct. 2013 under No. 11184 and its symbol was opened in the market of Fara Bourse Company and as of the latter date all the stocks transactions (sales and purchase) were done in the said market. 

 B. Capital

The company capital was 212,500,000 million Rials (including 4250 shares, nominal par value 50000 Rials) on establishment date and it has been increased to 320 Billion Rials within 9 stages (including 320,000,000 shares, par value: 1000 Rials) also based on minutes of extraordinary general meeting dated 10 March 2019 and in execution of utilization of the taxes exemption, capital was increased from 320 Billion Rials to 500 Billion Rials divided into 500,000,000 shares  x 1000 Rials through source of accumulated profit of the companies accepted to stock market.


C. Main Activities

The subject of company activity according to the para.2 of articles of association includes establishment and utilization of cotton seed delinting factories, oil extraction and vegetable protein and other factories, as well as manufacturing and commercial works, investment, export and import and to do/ conduct any operations and transactions  related to the company subject directly or indirectly.

D. Products manufacturing in Behpak Industrial Company are as follows:

1.     Crude oil (Soy bean, Canola, sunflower, safflower) 

2.     Various Oil seeds meal

3.     Soy Protein

4.     Lecithin