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Besides the production of crude oil, Behpak Industrial Company produces various products of textured soy protein in different sizes, shapes and weights, roasted and unroasted soy flour, edible and industrial lecithin, soy flour and screener soft. Having good quality and stability of quality for more than five decades has met with the public's favor and attention and has about 70% of the country's protein market share.

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Behpak With modern equipment, experienced workforce, and by establishing and implementing ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards, as well as several certificates and recognitions related to management and quality, Behpak can guarantee continuous quality improvement for its customers.

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In the Behpak blog section, we try to provide the best articles and content for you to familiarize yourself with soy and its derivatives, as well as provide instructions for preparing delicious foods with soy. ...

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Health lover
Behpak has the ISO 22000 international standard (quality and health management standard in the food industry and food supply chain), which shows the importance of the health of customers and end consumers in this company.
Quality in management
Behpak attaches importance to continuous improvement and growth and development, and while having the ISO 9001 standard certificate in quality management, it is always trying to improve its implementation process by identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
Attention to technology
The advancement of technology never stops moving and we at Behpak are always trying to keep ourselves up to date and pay attention to the latest world science in the field of producing our specialized products, to be the flagship of innovation and quality in this field.